July 24-25, 2019, Thinking about oneself: The Place and Value of Reflection, CONCEPT (University of Cologne, co-organized by Waldomiro da Silva Filho and Sven Bernecker).

June 27-29, 2019, The Epistemology of Reasoning, CONCEPT (University of Cologne, co-organized by Sven Bernecker).

August 02-03, 2018Normative Notions Formalized, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (LMU Munich).

June 26-27, 2018Recent debates in Formal Epistemology, CONCEPT (University of Cologne, co-organized by Sven Bernecker).

Feb. 02-03, 2018, Imagination as a source of knowledge, CONCEPT (University of Cologne).

________________________________Talks and presentations:_______________________________
15.05.2020, First Rhine-Ruhr Epistemology Meeting, University of Cologne.
Title:  Conditional belief and conditional suspension.

22.08.2019, Knowledge of Knowledge, University of Regensburg.
Title: As I think about knowledge, it starts to disappear (handout available here).

Title: Models in formal epistemology.

24.06.2019, Logic Rulez!?, University of Vienna.
Title: How does logic constrain rational suspended judgment? (handout available here).

19.06.2019, Formal Epistemology Workshop 2019, University of Turin. 
Title: Rational requirements of agnosticism (poster presentation).

Title: Reasoning with suspended judgment (handout available here).

19.11.2018, Workshop with Johan van Benthem, RWTH Aachen University.
Title: Knowability through deductive reasoning and Dynamic Epistemic Logic (handout available here).

27.08.2018, Philosophy Colloquium, University of Miami.
Title: When reasoners suspend judgment.

11.06.2018, Workshop with Paul Boghossian on conscious and unconscious inferences, University of Antwerp.
Title: From the taking condition to the psychology of reasoning.

15.05.2018Perception, Mental Imagery and Inference, Ruhr-University Bochum.
Title: Mental models, imagery and symbolic processing.

04.05.2018, Understanding Understanding, University of Tübingen.
Title: Understanding the logical constants.

21.11.2017, I International Workshop GP-CRI—Contemporary Debates in Epistemology (Santa Maria, Brazil).
Title: Evidence and a priori knowability.

23-24.10.2017I Workshop on Philosophy and Probability, PUCRS (Porto Alegre, Brazil).
Title: Suspended judgment, credence and bridge-principles.

Title: Analyticity, suppositional reasoning and the a priori.

Title: Knowledge of validity.

14-16.06.2017The Normativity of Logic, University of Bergen.
Title: Ways in which logic was supposed to be special, but ain't.

18-19.05.2017Reasoning Club 2017, Center for Logic, Language and Cognition, Torino.
Title: Knowledge grounded on pure reasoning.

04-06.04.2017, UConn Logic Group/MCMP Workshop in Storrs, University of Connecticut.
Title: The Epistemology of Logic and Logical Pluralism.

15.12.2016The Third Lisbon Conference on Philosophy of Science, Universidade de Lisboa.
Title: The epistemology of logic and logical pluralism.

19.11.2016Workshop: The Relevance of Logic to Human Reasoning, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy.
Title: When reasoners go offline. This workshop was organized by me and my colleague Andreas Kapsner.

10.09.2016, Colloquium Logicum 2016, Universität Hamburg. 
TitleA framework for testing the relevance of logic to reasoning.

29.08.2016Logic, Meaning and Language, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Title: Reliable reasoning in natural language.

08.04.2016Roots of Deduction Workshop, University of Groningen.
Title: Warranted Logical Beliefs.

31.08.2015Colloquium: Richard Swinburne, Pontifícia Universidade Católica (Porto Alegre, Brazil).
Title: It is unlikely that God exists.

24.07.2015Buenos Aires Logic Group WIP Seminar, University of Buenos Aires.
Title: A logic of offline rationality.