___________________________________________________Talks and presentations:___________________________________________________________

August 2–5, 2021, 12 Principia International Symposium.

Title: Coherence and knowability.

July 22–23, 2021, First Rhine-Ruhr Epistemology Meeting, University of Cologne.

Title: Akrasia and the contents of higher-order beliefs.

April 10, 2021 APA Pacific Division, Portland.

Title: Suspending is not believing (Colloquium: Epistemology).

April 6, 2021 APA Pacific Division, Portland.

Title: Paradoxes of Knowability (Group session of the Southern California Epistemology Network).

March 4, 2021, Epistemology Seminar at the University of Florida (organized by Rodrigo Borges).

Title: Suspending is not believing.

22.08.2019, Knowledge of Knowledge, University of Regensburg.

Title: As I think about knowledge, it starts to disappear (handout available here).

17.07.2019, I Symposium on Logic and Analytic Philosophy & VIII Social Epistemology Conference, Federal University of Maranhão.

Title: Models in formal epistemology.

24.06.2019, Logic Rulez!?, University of Vienna.

Title: How does logic constrain rational suspended judgment? (handout available here).

19.06.2019, Formal Epistemology Workshop 2019, University of Turin.

Title: Rational requirements of agnosticism (poster presentation).

29.11.2018, III International Colloquium on Analytic Epistemology, UFSM Santa Maria.

Title: Reasoning with suspended judgment (handout available here).

19.11.2018, Workshop with Johan van Benthem, RWTH Aachen University.

Title: Knowability through deductive reasoning and Dynamic Epistemic Logic (handout available here).

27.08.2018, Philosophy Colloquium, University of Miami.

Title: When reasoners suspend judgment.

11.06.2018, Workshop with Paul Boghossian on conscious and unconscious inferences, University of Antwerp.

Title: From the taking condition to the psychology of reasoning.

15.05.2018, Perception, Mental Imagery and Inference, Ruhr-University Bochum.

Title: Mental models, imagery and symbolic processing.

04.05.2018, Understanding Understanding, University of Tübingen.

Title: Understanding the logical constants.

21.11.2017, I International Workshop GP-CRI—Contemporary Debates in Epistemology (Santa Maria, Brazil).

Title: Evidence and a priori knowability.

23-24.10.2017, I Workshop on Philosophy and Probability, PUCRS (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

Title: Suspended judgment, credence and bridge-principles.

21-26.08.2017, ECAP 9 – European Society for Analytic Philosophy, LMU Munich.

Title: Analyticity, suppositional reasoning and the a priori.

31.07.2017, Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students, MCMP.

Title: Knowledge of validity.

14-16.06.2017, The Normativity of Logic, University of Bergen.

Title: Ways in which logic was supposed to be special, but ain't.

18-19.05.2017, Reasoning Club 2017, Center for Logic, Language and Cognition, Torino.

Title: Knowledge grounded on pure reasoning.

04-06.04.2017, UConn Logic Group/MCMP Workshop in Storrs, University of Connecticut.

Title: The Epistemology of Logic and Logical Pluralism.

15.12.2016, The Third Lisbon Conference on Philosophy of Science, Universidade de Lisboa.

Title: The epistemology of logic and logical pluralism.

19.11.2016, Workshop: The Relevance of Logic to Human Reasoning, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy.

Title: When reasoners go offline. This workshop was organized by me and my colleague Andreas Kapsner.

10.09.2016, Colloquium Logicum 2016, Universität Hamburg.

Title: A framework for testing the relevance of logic to reasoning.

29.08.2016, Logic, Meaning and Language, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Title: Reliable reasoning in natural language.

08.04.2016, Roots of Deduction Workshop, University of Groningen.

Title: Warranted Logical Beliefs.

31.08.2015, Colloquium: Richard Swinburne, Pontifícia Universidade Católica (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

Title: It is unlikely that God exists.

24.07.2015, Buenos Aires Logic Group WIP Seminar, University of Buenos Aires.

Title: A logic of offline rationality.


July 24-25, 2019 Thinking about oneself: The Place and Value of Reflection, CONCEPT (University of Cologne, co-organized by Waldomiro da Silva Filho and Sven Bernecker).

June 27-29, 2019 The Epistemology of Reasoning, CONCEPT (University of Cologne, co-organized by Sven Bernecker).

August 02-03, 2018 Normative Notions Formalized, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (LMU Munich).

June 26-27, 2018 Recent debates in Formal Epistemology, CONCEPT (University of Cologne, co-organized by Sven Bernecker).

Feb. 02-03, 2018 Imagination as a source of knowledge, CONCEPT (University of Cologne).