Luis Rosa

I am an Assistant Professor at CONCEPT, University of Cologne. Before that I was an Alexander von Humboldt fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP). My area of specialization is epistemology, and my areas of competence include logic and philosophy of mind. 

Currently I focus mostly on problems of reasoning or inference, such as (i) What is the relationship between logic and reasoning? (ii) What are the best scientific models of how humans reason, and what are their implications for the normativity of thought? (iii) Reasoning is arguably also a source of knowledge, not only a means of transmitting it from the premises to the conclusions (consider those cases in which one forms beliefs on the basis of suppositional reasoning), but what conditions need to be satisfied in order for one to gain knowledge in this way?

I am also interested in skepticism, infinite regress arguments, the nature and normativity of agnostic attitudes (suspension of judgment) and the foundations of cognitive science/AI. Besides being an academic, I enjoy programming (I play around mostly with CLISP and Python), I skateboard and from time to time I compose electronic songs.



Photo of mine using Prisma