Luis Rosa

I am a philosophy lecturer at CONCEPT, University of Cologne, and a researcher of the DFG-funded group From Perception to Belief and Back Again, at Ruhr University Bochum. From August 2024 onwards I'll be a lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis.

My research deals with things that muddle the mind and get in the way of its search for knowledge. That includes uncertainty, misleading evidence, ambiguity, doubts concerning our cognitive powers, disagreement, indeterminacy, incoherence, paradoxes, defective questions, situations that call for suspension of judgment. The path of an inquirer is obscured by such elements, and that is one great motivation I have for studying them.

Another recurrent theme of my research is reasoning—it gives us cognitive wings, but how far can it take us? Which questions are beyond the ken of reason? I often deploy formal semantics, logic and probability theory to address these philosophical problems. 

Besides these fields of research,  I also have interest in psychology, AI and literature.

Email: fsopho@gmail.com