Luis Rosa

I'm an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at CONCEPT, University of Cologne. My area of specialization is epistemology.

My current research focuses on the rationality of uncertainty, doubt, indecision. Under what conditions is it rational for us to be in doubt or undecided about whether something is the case? And what other things must we become uncertain about, given the things we are already uncertain about? These are some of the core issues in my research agenda. Methodologically, I like to think of these problems from the design stance: if an artificial agent were to implement such-and-such rules for dealing with uncertainty, would we then say that it cognizes and acts in a rational manner?

Other interests of mine include ambiguity and the indeterminacy of meaning, the role of idealizations in science and philosophy, the semantics of fictional discourse, knowledge of what is possible though not actual, fisicalism/reductionism about the mind and the theoretical foundations of cognitive science and artificial intelligence. Outside academia, I like surfing and skateboarding, and from time to time I compose electronic music songs.